Hebbard Blesius

After 20 years in San Francisco, Hebbard moved here in 1993 and never looked back. In real estate since that time, she has found it is a great way to be connected to Livingston, to know its needs, and to contribute to them. Having been a transplant herself, she knows how to help those in that same process. There is much to learn and appreciate about Park County. She feels extremely lucky to be in Montana, so it is easy for her to represent. In fact, her view is...there is no need to SELL Montana...to the right people, Montana sells itself. 

Hebbard Blesius Livingston Montana Real Estate Agent

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Hebbard's biggest priority is providing her clients with as much information as she can to help them make the decision that is right for them. She has been a licensed real estate agent/broker, in Livingston, since 1993. She enjoys facilitating buyers and sellers through what can be an intimidating and complicated process. For buyers, she is pleased to share the information and help them find the right place and make Livingston their home. For sellers, it is very easy to be enthusiastic about their properties. The results of her transactions have been years of repeat business.

Hebbard is the President of the Counterpoint Board, our local facility for developmentally disabled adults, and a past Montana Association of Realtors State Director for the local Park County.

Fun Facts

Most memorable moment?
Meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Favorite local activities?
Skiing, floating the river and camping
Amazing wildlife experience?
Being in the middle of 70 stampeding antelopes
On weekends I like to?
Cook in the winter & garden in the summer
My happy place?
Other places I've called home?
San Francisco



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