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December 2019 Art Walk - Kira Fercho

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Tim McWilliams
ERA Landmark is pleased to announce that our featured artist for December is Kira Fercho. A portion of sales during the month of December will be donated to Thrive. The public is invited to view Kira's work at 8 East Main Street in Bozeman during the Art Walk on December 13th and an additional reception on December 20th. Both events are from 6pm-8pm and complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.

Kira has painted for as long as she can remember. It's always been a part of her life. She paints freely, allowing the paint and brush to translate to the canvas her love of the outdoors, the color, movement and mystery that nature provides. Considered a modern impressionist painter, Kira has evolved her unique style from  her studies of Russian Impressionism and Western Tonalism.

Kira's hope is that the viewer gets a sense of peace and greater understanding of life through her work. She is intense, she is passionate, and she's a risk-taker. She enjoys creating work that pushes the viewer to the edge....allowing her/him to peer over into the depths of unknown territory.

Artist Statement:

This show is a tribute to my home state and the rural culture that I grew up in.

Like most people, as I have aged, I have really grown an awareness and appreciation for the memories of where I grew up and attributes that make that place and the people unique. Through paint, I have shared a bit of my belief systems.

In general, the Native pieces symbolize our human tie into nature. Tipis are the most natural man made objects. The women of the family took care of them. The warriors symbolize my outlook of transcendence through life. The landscapes are my acceptance of the changing of seasons. The horses are my roaming free spirit.
                                         Kira Fercho - John Steinbeck - Montana 
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