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How to be Certain in Uncertain Times

Posted on April 24, 2020 by ERA Landmark

Dear Clients, Family & Friends,

Many people are dealing with at least some level of uncertainty in this unprecedented time and I think it’s safe to say many are anxious to get back to the lifestyles and communities they have placed on hold. The burden of this uncertainty affects your body, your mind, and your behavior.

In a recent presentation, Author and Speaker, Mike Staver, expressed the importance of embracing the notion that the duration of our current situation is temporary and that we should all work on managing our mindsets.

It is helpful to understand the difference between “stress” and “distress”.  By definition, stress is pressure or tension exerted on an object or something that causes mental strain. Distress is defined as extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.

Mr. Staver went on to give some great tips on managing stress while pointing out that the biggest difference between stress and distress is what you think about and what you do, or how you react.

  • Acknowledge the presence of stress and then make the decision to deal with only those things that you have control over. Let go of the things you do not have control of.
  • Manage your exposure. Be aware of what you are seeing and hearing as this is what your brain takes in and in turn, what you are thinking about manifests as your emotions.
  • Take action. Do what you can to protect yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Control what you listen to and what you watch and be aware of speculative conversations. Try to surround yourself with what is true, helpful, and kind. Make sure you are getting physical activity, plenty of rest, and most importantly, BREATHE. Take moments to stop what you are doing and breathe deeply as oxygen fuels the brain!

As we move forward, focus on these key takeaways. 

  • Change the script in your head by reminding yourself that each day is a step closer to being through this temporary difficulty.
  • Develop the right action plan, for right now. Schedule 3 minutes of gratitude into your day, a time where you can sit quietly and reflect on those things that are positive in your life, or reach out and connect with others by having meaningful conversations.
  • Control the spread of fear and negativity by surrounding yourself with what is true, hopeful, and kind.

If you are in need of assistance, reach out. Below is a list of resources which may be of service to you during these difficult times:


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