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ERA Landmark Real Estate Downtown Featuring Artist Torie Laher

Posted on August 8, 2019 by Tim McWilliams
ERA Landmark is proud to announce Torie Laher as our August 2019 featured artist. The show opens Friday, August 9th during the Downtown Bozeman Art Walk and runs through the end of the month. The public is invited to view the show at our office on 8 East Main Street.


Torie Laher:
"Painting has always held a place in my heart since I was young.  It was an outlet for me to express myself freely, and let myself live wild and crazy on a canvas.  
Some of the works you see are inspired by the mountains and skies.  I am so incredibly taken by the sky.  All the colors and expressions of the clouds, sun and moon inspire me so incredibly much.  So I created some abstract and colorful pieces based on some of my favorite sunrises and sunsets. I then have some neutral based abstract pieces.  Although structure and design do inspire me, I recently found myself wanting to explore the freedom of painting I had as a child.  Not focusing on the whole image, but the feeling.  I would say over and over, while splashing paint onto the canvas, “what do you want to be”.  Here I have two sides to myself shown thru these pieces.  The structural and bold, and the free and chaotic."  


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